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I have recently added several photos from the storm that hit western Connecticut on August 2nd, 2002. This storm was definately the most interesting to photograph in the past 2 years. I hope you enjoy the photos.
I am planning on adding more storm photos, specifically of those taken from winter-type storms, to be added in the near future.

Storm Safety information
Storm chasing can turn dangerous if your not prepared. I suggest reading Neal Rasmussen's Storm Chasing Safety Tips and also Storm Chase Ethics by Alan Moller.
Heres some additional wisdom that you will probably (hopefully) never have to use:  In the off chance that a tornado is heading toward your house, DO NOT open your windows. Previously it was thought that opening the windows would stabilize the pressure difference between the outside air and the inside of the house. In actuallity, the only thing opening the windows really does it allow 200 mph winds into your house! Another important safety tip, if you every find that a tornado is heading straight toward you on the highway, do not hide under a bridge! Although the people survived that in the ever so famous video, they were lucky. In actuality, winds will be stronger hiding under the bridge because the air is rapidly squeezed under the overpass. The best place to hide if there is no available shelter is the lowest spot you can find.

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