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Storm Photos 2002

Ahh, finally some lightning

May 31st, 2002 this storm produced tornadoes, hail and strong wind in NY and CT. This lightning picture was taken after the storm passed by.

We camped just below this dam.

June 8th, 2002. The Oahe Dam near Pierre, SD. This is the Missouri River which separates the Central time zone from Mountain time.

There was a sign warning me of deadly snakes here

June 9th, 2002. The Missouri River again but this time at Chamberlain, SD. Hey, gotta show something from my storm chasing trip.

Small cloud to cloud lightning bolt

July 23rd, 2002. Picture taken on the roof of WCSU. A small bolt of lightning is barely visible in the middle of the picture.

Lightning Shot

Aug 2nd, 2002. This spectacular lightning shot was taken by Dan Labate with one of my cameras on the roof of WCSU.

Threatening shelf cloud

Aug 2nd, this is just before the storm finally moved into our region. The shelf cloud is well defined and clouds are still tinted green.

Still Aug 2nd, but after the brunt of the storm passed. Fortunately, the storm then gave us quite a lightning show, which I took advantage of.

This storm was probably over 50 miles away

June 8th, 2002 taken near Alzada, MT. while storm chasing. This is unfortunately the only good storm shot from the whole trip.

Mount Rushmore built 1927-1941

June 8th, 2002. Ahh, the Presidents! I know this has nothing to do with the weather, but its my website, so blah!

Unfortunately, this never developed into a storm:(

June 28th, 2002. Taken in Danbury, CT. Developing cumulus clouds just off to the east against the setting sun.

Ohh! Dark Clouds!!

July 23rd, 2002. This picture was taken about 30 min after the previous one, just before the storm moved into Danbury.

Clouds tinted green

Same day. The clouds turned slightly green which is a signal of ice within the cloud and the potential for hail. Later hail did fall.

Ohh, scary!!

Another view of the shelf cloud from the west just before we got slammed. The sky turned almost completely black.

August 2nd 2002, the lightning picture before, this one, and the 3 after were taken from the same storm at about the same time. This was shortly after pea sized hail fell and gusty winds occurred


All the photos were taken by Michael Erickson, unless otherwise indicated.