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Storm Photos 2001

Picture taken at WCSU facing north.

Scud clouds in Danbury. Aug. 20th, 2001. The storm missed us to the south, and produced a funnel cloud over Wilton, CT.

Impressive storm clouds seen while storm chasing near Canonchet, RI on August 20th. By this time the storm was beginning to die out.

Facing south with shelf cloud approaching

About 2 hrs later on Aug. 27th, another storm moves into Danbury with a defined shelf cloud. Picture from the WCSU roof.

No funnel cloud developed out of the swirl :(

Same storm on Aug. 27th. There was notable multi-level shear and a defined swirl developed overhead which can be seen on this photo.

Mammatus clouds out ahead of a dying thunderstorm

Same storm on August 20th, these mammatus clouds were taken while out storm chasing somewhere around New London, CT.

Picture taken facing due north

Aug. 27th, 2001, picture taken at Danbury High School. A shelf cloud is visible as a strong storm passes just to the north of Danbury.

Shelf cloud August 27, 2001

Another view of the shelf cloud on Aug. 27th from Western Connecticut State University. Picture taken on the roof of Higgins Hall.


All the photos were taken by Michael Erickson, KB1IJV.